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Time to Shine the Glory of God and 777!

In the Fall of 2020, The Lord inspired me to create a challenge coin that I could give to people; during these sorrowful times and witness to them, and show that hope, love, and salvation are still attainable through Jesus Christ. I had never made a coin before, and I wanted to keep it economical, so I thought it might make sense to make them myself. I quickly learned that was beyond my capabilities. Years ago, my wife and I had a business making t-shirts and other promotional products, so I’m relatively capable with graphic design. So I drew my first coin design, which is the first edition “prayer coin.” I then decided to use an online service, but I still wasn’t sure what would look nice on a coin. I selected the size, different colors, and plating options while keeping the minimal cost per coin. When I received them, this is how the front appeared.

It looks pretty nice. Right? But when I saw the back, I was disappointed because when I decided to cheap out and not do a color fill on the back; there wasn’t enough contrast to make it easy to read. Here is how the backside appeared.

I had 300 coins like this, and I didn’t know how to fix them. Somehow I was going to have to paint them but with what? Model airplane paint? My wonderful wife had the solution, she told me about this product that will apply a patina to the metal. This is how the coins looked afterwards.

Here comes the amazing part. I went into the big blue home improvement store and only picked up two cans of clear coat for the coins. When I went to the register, the clerk rang them up. He said that the total is $7.77 when I heard him say that I burst out laughing. He looked at me like I was crazy and he's right I am crazy, crazy about Jesus. God is so amazing with how He moves and works in our lives. When God gave me this confirmation about these coins I knew that I was doing His will. If just one person comes to Jesus because of these coins then its worth it. My prayer is that these seeds will find those who need them and that they will be sown into good ground and produce an abundant harvest for the Kingdom of God in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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